Astro Lander FAQ
What I do?
Fly from the start base to the goal base. An on-screen indicator shows where the goal is and how far it is.
That sounds a bit easy doesn't it?
You have to get there without running out of fuel, dodging bad guys, falling buildings and navigating thru caves.
Woah, how can I avoid running out of fuel?
You can refuel by landing on the red fuel bases or by collecting stars
Can you tell me more about those stars?
Stars are dotted around to help guide you. They also provide fuel, health and points! Good eh?
Mmm points, how can I get more points?
In addition to collecting stars you can get points by finishing the level quickly, using less fuel, losing less health, landing softly, killing bad guys and rescuing Chibis.
Rescuing Chibis?
Chibis are a small spacefaring peoples that have a tendency for getting into sticky situations. Land on their bases to rescue them. If you rescue all the Chibis on the level (as shown on the indicator) you get an achievement.
Did you say achievements!?
Yeah, in addition to completing a level you get an achievement for rescuing all Chibis and collecting all stars in a level.
Oh sweet, but do I need to get all the achievements in a world to unlock the next world?
Nah bro, you just need to finish all the levels.
I don't like on screen joy pads, are there any other control methods?
Yes, the on screen joypad is the default and most people find it the easiest but there are also 2 other modes: tilt and multi-touch. Tilt mode lets you control the direction of the lander by physically tilting you iPhone / iPod. Multitouch has no on screen buttons to press you just use gestures to control. There are more details on the help screen in the game.
Is there an online highscore table?
No, not yet. But if there is enough interest I might include one in an update.
Can I listen to my iPod music while the game is playing?
Yes you can!! If you started listening to music before you opened the game it will continue to play. You may want to go to the options page and lower the in game music though. If the game was already running the iPod music will stop, in that case you should close the game from the task bar (double click home button).
I'm having trouble shooting...
In all modes except multitouch mode simply touching the screen where you want to shoot will aim a shot there. You may need to take into account gravity acting on the shot. In multitouch mode make a flicking gesture in the direction you want to shoot in.
I'm surrounded by bad guys and can't shoot fast enough - help!
You can shoot multiple shots simultaneously by using more than one finger! Useful for rapid and multi directional fire.
Some big ball or something kills all the Chibis before I get to them, what can I do?
You have to try and shoot that ball before it rolls into them